Create Fearless Artistry!

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If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at art yet felt that you would fail - this is your opportunity. You’ll find this is very “user friendly” and that you’ll be painting in just minutes.
...You too can enjoy this rediscovered art medium called “encaustics.” Find Out More


Artwork and Ideas



 Mini Gallery 

Below are some of the endless possibilities with Encaustics!


Be sure and check out this YouTube --- Great Techniques!




Created with just the iron




Created with an the iron and stylus




Created with tissue paper scraps, the iron and stylus 



Stamping with wax on rice paper                         Embossing over a waxed image 



Waxing through a metal stencil                               Waxing through a feather onto a background



Stamping alcohol inks over a wax surface                Adding Angelina fibers to the wax 




Wax on Glass




Hotplate Work




Hotplate Work